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Welcome to the web pages of Nasreya Hazardous Waste Treatment Centre in Alexandria, Egypt.

Our mission is to collect, transport, recycle and dispose of hazardous waste in a safe, economical and legal manner in accordance with the Environmental Law nr. 4 of 1994.

Our team can advise you in handling, transporting and disposing of hazardous waste.

We provide training courses either in our premises or we can come to your organisation to tell more about how to manage hazardous waste. You will find various publications, legal notes and news of coming events from our pages.


Please feel free to contact us in any matters concerning hazardous waste!


Egypt is fast becoming an industrialised country. Many industrial branches, the oil and petrochemical industry as a flagship, are expanding and some areas in Egypt, like Alexandria region, are now getting the benefit of the development.


As in any industrialized country, it is the obligation of the industry and the society, to take care of the environment. Hazardous waste is generated more as the industry is expanding.

The environment law no 4/1994 and its executive regulations give the rules to be followed to reduce the generation of hazardous waste and determine the legal methods and ways to manage and dispose of hazardous waste.

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Contract of Handling Hazardous Wastes
Framework for an operation manual
Hazardous Waste Register
Projects News

The Hazardous Waste Management Unit (HWMU) personnel has been twice in Finland for training. Both courses were held in Ekokem, a hazardous waste company in Finland by November 2000 , and September 2003 .


In April 2006, the Unit had a training course in Switzerland, organized by Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz.

The training included theoretical and practical lessons about collection and treatment of hazardous waste, safety issues and treatment of organic hazardous waste in cement kilns.


Opening ceremony of the physical-chemical treatment plant and a seminar to be held in September, 2006. More details soon…

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About The Project

Hazardous Waste Management Project in Alexandria (phase 1 and 2) is a joint effort between Egypt and Finland.


The Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Governorate of Alexandria and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland are the counterparts in the project.

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Project Services

List of Hazardous Waste subject to the

Legal Requirements of Law 4/1994 and its ER

within the Industrial Sector 

Hazardous Wastes prohibited from importation, and transit through the Arab Republic of Egypt
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Objective of the project
Alexandria has 40% of industries and 60% of petroleum industries in Egypt. All these activities generate organic and inorganic hazardous waste
This project was implemented in Alexandria as a pioneer project in development of Industrial Hazardous waste system in all governorates of Egypt
The main task of the project is to establish a hazardous waste administration system consisting of:

1.     Hazardous Waste Minimization and Handling at Source

2.     Establishment of permanent Hazardous Waste Management Unit in Alexandria

3.     Hazardous Waste Recycling, Treatment and Disposal Facilities for Inorganic Hazardous waste

4.     Hazardous Waste Collection and Transportation Systems

5.     Laboratory Services

6.     Dissemination of the Results and Experiences of the Project

7.     finding solution for organic waste by storing it until finding solution like incineration in cement kiln or solvents recycling unit

8.     Introduce services for all industrial sectors that generate Hazardous Waste

9.     Increasing the awareness of the harmful effects caused by improper management of hazardous waste

Typical risks from unacceptable handling of hazardous waste:

Disposing of hazardous waste in municipal landfills or dumping the waste to deserts may cause risk of fire and forming of toxic gases. Ground water contamination in dumping areas may lead to exposure of harmful chemicals to humans.  

Discharge of hazardous waste to municipal sewage system may cause damage to the sewage piping network.  Heavy metals may accumulate in sewage sludge which then becomes unsuitable as fertilizer. Lakes, rivers and seawater will be contaminated by harmful chemicals causing damages in the environment 

European Hazardous Waste Classification System
According to European system the Hazardous waste lists contain 236 kinds of waste, based on 14 characteristic of Hazardous Waste

1.     Intensity of ignitability

2.     Capable of burning

3.     Irritant

4.     Explosive

5.     Oxidizing

6.     Toxic

7.     Harmful

8.     Ecotoxic

9.     Infection

10. Teratogenic

11. Mutagenic

12. Carcinogenic

13. Corrosive

14. Liberate toxic gases when it  reacts with water or acids

International Hazardous Waste Classification System

Based on 4 characteristic of Hazardous Waste:-

·        Ignitability

·        Corrosiveness

·        Reactivity

·        Toxicity

Hazardous Waste characters according to Basel Convention

1.     Explosive waste

2.     Flammable liquids

3.     Flammable solids

4.     Substances or wastes liable to spontaneous combustion

5.     Substances or wastes which, in contact with water emit flammable gases

6.     Oxidizing

7.     Organic peroxides

8.     Poisonous (Acute)

9.     Infectious waste

10. Corrosive waste

11. Liberation of toxic gases in contact with air or water

12. Toxic (Delayed or chronic)

13. Ecotoxic         waste

14. Capable, by any means, after disposal, of yielding another material, e.g., leachate, which possesses any of the characteristics listed above.